Write for BU

BrokeUp.com is a community of kick-ass single people. What is the best part about our little community, you ask? There’s enough recurring humorous material inside all of us to keep this website kicking until the end of time – which just so happens to be December, 21 2012. And that’s actually not that long from now… oh well! Let’s move to the important part. You and your stories.

Within each of us are experiences that make us feel vulnerable and exposed to the world around us. What we should realize though, is that with each story there are lessons to be learned. Maybe not just for ourselves, but for others who may be in the exact same situation as you are or were. BrokeUp.com promotes story telling and quite frankly, so do its readers. This is a website built for the community, by the community, in an effort to allow readers to express, compare and relate to others who have been down the same roads – both hilarious and grueling.

However, there is one golden rule here at BrokeUp.com… We do not promote sorrow, pessimism, regret or hostility. We’re a happy group of people and this website is built for laughter, smiles, optimism, and strength. If you feel you have a story you want to share – or even have 27 stories to share – please feel free to write to us in the area provided below. The world would like to hear from you, especially if you’re funny, which we’re pretty sure you are. But just in case you’re not, we have hilarious editors that will make you sound like you are!

-The BrokeUp Crew