Articles Posted in the Sex Category

  • The Lip Bite

    Lip Bite – Sex Please

    “Last night we made direct eye contact across the room, she gently slid her tongue over the lightly shimmering lip gloss, and then seductively bit her bottom lip…”

  • Random Sex

    Random Sex in NYC

    What I really want is to fall in love – not a one night stand. But being a single lesbian in New York City doesn’t exactly mean “relationships.” It means a lot of lost hope, broken hearts, and casual sex. Welcome to my life.

  • Sex Has Become Transactional

    Sex Has Become Transactional

    As if the bedroom is a fast food joint. A man approaches the counter and says “I’d like you to ride me tonight” or some other wording he will later call “game”. Then I should…

  • Staying Single

    It’s Hard Work Staying Single

    I’m not sure I’ll ever really understand the male persuasion. As a pretty good looking, busty, video game playing, bar hopping and cocky chick, I get a good number of men talking to me.