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  • Public Display of Affection

    Top 5 Things Couples Do, That In Turn Make The Rest Of Us Want To Slash Their Tires

    “Nothing saddens me more than the sight of a full grown man trotting though Victoria Secret while uncomfortably cradling a purple Coach purse.”

  • Baby Talk

    Misspelled Words and Baby Talk

    It’s not that I have extremely high standards. I’m just a gal who needs a man who can provide certain things. Those things do not include the desire to round-house him in the neck.

  • The Rebound

    The Rebound

    My last relationship ended much like they all do – I had the graphic realization that I was dating a conniving whore, and things came tumbling down faster than a game of Jenga between two cerebral palsy patients.

  • A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

    …So what’s one to do when most of them have 4-letters?

    You have been broken up for a month now. It’s time. “Oh, no! Not yet. You have half the length of your relationship to mourn the loss of that relationship”—ERRR, wrong!

  • The Lip Bite

    Lip Bite – Sex Please

    “Last night we made direct eye contact across the room, she gently slid her tongue over the lightly shimmering lip gloss, and then seductively bit her bottom lip…”

  • Text Snooping

    Texts: To Snoop or Not to Snoop

    I learned at a very young age not to ask questions that you really don’t want to know the answers to. Technology today allows for more nosiness than ever, but just because they invented spywear doesn’t make it ok for you to brand yourself the next Sherlock F–king Holmes.

  • Random Sex

    Random Sex in NYC

    What I really want is to fall in love – not a one night stand. But being a single lesbian in New York City doesn’t exactly mean “relationships.” It means a lot of lost hope, broken hearts, and casual sex. Welcome to my life.

  • Sex Has Become Transactional

    Sex Has Become Transactional

    As if the bedroom is a fast food joint. A man approaches the counter and says “I’d like you to ride me tonight” or some other wording he will later call “game”. Then I should…

  • Player

    Once a Playa Always a Playa

    Thank God for honest friends.  Or maybe thank the Devil for them.  I haven’t decided yet.  Today, I was hit with a harsh dose of reality when a good friend of mine told me that…

  • Brianna Frost – MTV’s Girls of Hedsor Hall

    NAME: Brianna Frost
 AGE: 21
 RELATIONSHIP STATUS: In a relationship
 REALITY SHOW: The Girls of Hedsor Hall
 CHANNEL: MTV How did you end up on a Reality Show? I honestly have no idea.…