Misspelled Words and Baby Talk

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Baby TalkIt’s not that I have extremely high standards. I’m just a gal who needs a man who can provide certain things. Those things do not include the desire to round-house him in the neck.

The fact is, I get annoyed easily. I’ve been raised that a man should be a man. Being a man comes with certain responsibilities, including, but not limited to, acting your age.

What it boils down to is this: there are some things a man should never do in my presence past the age of 7. Call it bitching, call it neurotic, call it what you will but if you continue to show your ignorance, you can be certain you will not be calling me.

I personally have graduated with a college degree, and most of the men I hang around with have also graduated; perhaps not from college, but at least the 5th grade. When you start sending me texts with words like “wat” instead of “what” and “wit” instead of “with,” I get a shudder that starts in my toes and ends with a vaguely nauseous feeling.

I recently had a guy text me after I told him I was having problems with my family. His response was a text that read, and I quote: “I sawry”. This man, I kid you not, is 33. You’re sawry? Fantastic! I feel so much better! Without that ‘sawry’ I wouldn’t be where I am now! You have dragged me from my depths! Saved my life!

Listen. My 10 year old cousin has better grammar and spelling than you. Compared to you, his 4th grade essay could possibly be the next Great Gatsby. Don’t act dumb when we know you’re not.

And while we’re on the topic, what is with the baby talk? I don’t want the man I’m seeing to talk to me like I’m his child. Do you really want to be doing the same things to a 3 year old that you do to me? I didn’t think so.

Men please, I don’t mean to be harsh, but you’re educated, well meaning men! Act your age! And if you think I’m being bitchy, I sawry.

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