A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words

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A Picture Is Worth 1,000 Words…So what’s one to do when most of them have 4-letters?

You have been broken up for a month now. It’s time. “Oh, no! Not yet. You have half the length of your relationship to mourn the loss of that relationship”—ERRR, wrong! Stop moping. A wise man once told me that you can’t get over someone until you get UNDER someone else. While hopping into the sack with a stranger is not going to mend your broken heart, lovingly gazing at old kissy pictures of you and your ex are not helping your cause either. A month is fine. Take your month to grieve. By then your friends will stop telling you he/she wasn’t worth it and start telling you to get the f*ck over it, and they’re right. Step one is ridding your life of all those pictures, reminders, mix cds, love notes, saved text messages, and hoodies that still kinda smell like this person that got away. Besides, the last thing a potential suitor wants to see at your place is a shrine to who was there before them.

Get rid of that crap! Tear it up, burn it, flush it, do whatever you gotta do, but get it outta there. Was your former lover a gift giver? Have a yard sale! Put that shit on craigslist, make a buck or two. DO NOT give it back, it’ll make you look pathetic and crazy, like you just can not bare the sight of their tokens of affection. You know what else is fun? Setting shit on fire! Getting over someone is hard enough without constant reminders like old photographs. Now, if you MUST you can save one or two to show a friend “that asshole” or “the one that got away” but keep it out of sight. I suggest drawing a funny mustache on them to remind yourself how silly they were for dumping you in the first place.

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