Sex Has Become Transactional

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Sex Has Become TransactionalAs if the bedroom is a fast food joint. A man approaches the counter and says “I’d like you to ride me tonight” or some other wording he will later call “game”. Then I should say, “would you like head with that?”

Why is it that at this point of my life when I thought I would be well into my ‘career’ I am still in this ‘job’? Occasionally I get that one guy that hangs around leaving his deodorant in my bathroom or bringing a tooth brush over. But the minute I take his cleverly placed male item for show and throw it in my junk drawer it suddenly becomes transactional again. I don’t want your shit in my house. I don’t want the next dude to know you were here, you’re right. But not because I don’t want a commitment, more like I don’t want your commitment. It’s almost alright to settle when it comes to sex but not when it comes to commitment.

Having come to accept this transactional concept, I look to not acquire such a man that I would want to keep. Instead I look for a man that I would want to be transactional with. Suddenly I get the opposite, the total opposite. Mr. One night stand is now in love with me. Hello? You don’t even know me. I know where you work and your name, but this is not enough to fall in love. You know exactly that much about me. So are you crazy Mr. One night stand?

Could Mr. One night stand have been the end to the fast food chain I have apparently opened? Perhaps I will never know if there is even a difference between transactions and commitments. Maybe all commitments are transactions when you break them down. How’s that for ‘food for thought’?

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