Random Sex in NYC

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Random SexWhat I really want is to fall in love – not a one night stand.  But being a single lesbian in New York City doesn’t exactly mean “relationships.”  It means a lot of lost hope, broken hearts, and casual sex.  Welcome to my life.

But this night in particular, I had a goal.  Usually I look forward to hearty chats with my friends while kicking back drinks at the bar.  But this night was different.  I wanted to hook up with a beautiful woman who could make me melt in an instant.  I was ready to get laid.

I pranced into my favorite lesbian bar, scouting the scene for eye candy.  Nobody caught my attention, and I was utterly disappointed.  Frustrated and defeated, I stepped outside for a cigarette.  As I puffed away, I resigned myself to the fact that I was going home alone tonight, contemplating which Penny Flame movie to entertain myself with before I fell into a blissful sleep.

She gripped my body tightly, breathing heavily in my ear.

To my dismay, a stunning woman walked up to the bar.  She was in her thirties, about 5’10 with blonde hair, green eyes, and a wicked smile that spelled “trouble.”  I met her eyes with a flirtatious gaze.  This would be my woman for the night.

I opened the door for her and followed her into the bar.  Viciously, I threw my cigarette on the ground, realizing that I had more important matters to attend to.  She felt my tap on her shoulder, and spun around as though she knew what I was going to say.

“Excuse me for being forward,” I began, “But you’re the most beautiful woman that I’ve seen all night.”

She smiled and gently put her hand on my thigh.  “Thank you,” she replied, “I’m not used to hearing that.”

She was lying, and she knew that I knew she was lying.  This was all part of the game.  I ordered her a Kamikaze, and invited her to join me for a dance.  Well aware that I could make any woman’s head spin on the dance floor, I took advantage of the fact that The Black Eyed Peas’ “Boom Boom Pow” was playing.  Holding her close, I swayed my hips to the beat and slid my ass in between her legs.  She gripped my body tightly, breathing heavily in my ear.  I swiveled around to face her, noticed the sultry look in her eyes, and leaned in slowly for a kiss.

Our lips touched gently, and immediately I felt my body heat rise.  Our tongues did a slow, sensual dance as I grabbed her hips and she pressed them against mine.  We stood there kissing, immersed in passion, completely lost in each other.  Finally, we both pulled away, and she smiled at me.  It felt as though gravity pulled me towards her, and I kissed her again, breathing harder, my body melting into hers.  “You’re coming home with me tonight,” she whispered breathily into my lips.  I happily obliged, chuckling at the fact that she didn’t even touch her drink.

We walked out of the bar, holding hands, and hailed a taxi cab.  Maybe this wasn’t love, but for the time being, it was close enough.

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