The Search for a Sugar Daddy

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Sugar DaddyIn an America where the economy seems to be going down the toilet, many people may turn to their friends or even to the online world to find someone that they can casually screw around with. It’s tough times and no one really wants to spend the gas money to pick up a date, take her out and hope they get some action. It’s much simpler to just spend money on gas, condoms and lube and forgo romance until you get a better job or win the lottery.

That’s alright but I’ve done quite enough bed hopping in the past 8 months to make anyone tired of casual flings. I opted to search for something different. Rather than give up my bar crawling, bedroom visiting expensive ways, I’d find a rich man. Not just any rich man, but THE rich man. Someone respectful, sexual, and interested in having fun on his dime.

Now some of you might have a problem with my unashamed request to use someone else’s money as funds for my fun, but let’s face it ladies. No one wants to pay for her own drinks, her own cab ride home and we’d all love a good looking older gentleman to take us to Cancun for the weekend.

Since I’d decided to embark on this I really only had one male friend who could instruct me on what to do to net a man with net worth. I met Lobe (as I like to call him) long before he bought a local company for cheap and completely turned the company around and started making his millions. He’s young, barely 30 and incredibly intelligent, plus he’s seen his fair share of gold diggers, so I wanted his help to make sure I didn’t come off as a money grubbing tramp.

He offered me three hints and all were very good.

One: Stop relying on your looks. I know you’re used to going to bars and clubs and having men and women fawn all over you but that isn’t going to happen in my world. Pardon my language but… we fuck models, because we can, because they want us for what we’re worth and we were the geeks who never got girls like that. You’re pretty yes but you aren’t a model and more important, I don’t want you to be used for 1 or 2 dates and then he moves on. Guys like me have to know you’re smart and that we can take you somewhere other than our bedrooms without you embarrassing us. Show off those brains, instead of your chest and you might succeed in getting what you want.

Two: Get used to shutting up. You talk a lot B and many men who make a lot of money are also powerful men. They run businesses and they know how to command attention of a room and many like to hear themselves talk. Expect the very intelligent ones to sometimes talk over you and that for once in your life won’t know what they’re talking about. Don’t fake it, we hate phonies.

Three: Never give off the vibe that you can’t pay your way or that you need money. Gold diggers often start laying on stories about how they can’t pay rent or their car broke down. You are independent, sexy and interested in quality over quality.”

With Lobes words of wisdom I began looking at my options. As a bartender I had a descent amount of disposable income that I could use to go to some more upscale places hoping to meet men. I decided to spend some time in some trendy bars and restaurants around Philadelphia to see if I’d meet anyone at happy hour who wanted to talk to a bartender/write/student.

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