Texts: To Snoop or Not to Snoop

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Text SnoopingI learned at a very young age not to ask questions that you really don’t want to know the answers to. Technology today allows for more nosiness than ever, but just because they invented spywear doesn’t make it ok for you to brand yourself the next Sherlock F–king Holmes. Relationships are tricky, and it’s perfectly natural for your ears to perk up when your significant others phone is blowing up with texts that aren’t from you. Here’s the general rule: asking who’s sending the messages is nosy but understandable, asking to see the messages is pretty wacky, and looking at them without asking is downright crazy!

You need to learn how to trust your instincts, and not let lack of trust ruin your relationship.There’s got to be a reason you question the fidelity of your bf/gf enough to start snooping. One of my close girlfriends is an out of control snooper. She suspected her boyfriend was a dog but it was a few late night texts that really got her going. He was smart enough to keep his text inbox empty which she discovered when she grabbed his phone while he was in the bathroom. She started counting the condoms in her boyfriend’s bedside drawer and became even more alarmed when numbers didn’t add up.  Instead of just asking him what was up, her curiosity consumed her. She left a post-it note in the drawer that said, “Where are these condoms going?”. The boyfriend said nothing. When she returned to the drawer to see if he’d gotten her little note, it was gone. He’d obviously read it.

If you have to look, then get out now!

She hit rock bottom when she dug through the trash to look for the note to make a stink about how he neglected to address it when she found a post-it. She grabbed it, figuring it was the one she had left. Victoriously, she sat down to read it. It wasn’t the one she wrote. Instead it read, “Leave the door unlocked for Meg, she’s staying here when she gets out of work.” Burn. Homeboy was leaving a note for his roommate to let “the other woman” in. You dig for dirt, and dirt you will find. Instincts told her that he was cheating, that’s what led her to the condom drawer in the first place. Instead of confronting him and saving herself the trouble, she let her crazy self get the best of her. You could say “Well, she snooped and found what she was looking for,” but that’s the point. If you have to look, then get out now!

Here’s the moral of the story, if you think so low of your significant other that you need to check his or her emails, the the two of you shouldn’t be together. If you’re feeling the urge to snoop and your bf/gf hasn’t given you just reason to do so, you’re just too crazy to be dating. It’s no fun feeling like you’re not trusted by the person you’re seeing. It’s even less fun to walk around all day feeling like you’re in the dark about something. Trust is very important so don’t waste your time with someone you can’t trust to keep it in his pants. Resist the snoop. Chances are you’re not going to like what you find. And even worse, if you snoop, find nothing, and get caught then you’re the one crossing lines and looking like a nutbag. Besides, why bother with that when you can have your friends stalk them for you.


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