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Brianna TaylorNAME: Brianna Taylor
AGE: 21
OCCUPATION: Singer/Songwriter
REALITY SHOW: The Real World Hollywood

How did you end up on a Reality Show?

I honestly didn’t even want to audition! My best friend had been talking about it for weeks and wanted me to attend an open casting call with him in Philly. The audition was at 7 am and I didn’t go to bed the night before until 4 am. So I was not in the best mood and didn’t plan on going. The next morning I woke up and felt bad. I didn’t want to leave him by himself. I went, and, ironically, I made it and he didn’t…Kinda f*cked up right?

What was it like being on TV?

Weird, f*cking weird. As soon as I arrived in Hollywood and stepped out of the car there were cameras in my face from every angle. As I took my first steps down Hollywood Blvd. people were staring at me. It was really strange but really cool!

If you could do it again would you?

Most def!! I learned a lot about myself and others. And watching myself on TV, I saw how much of an asshole I really can be! Haha

Has your popularity gone up because of it?

I think it helped, people recognize me more. But being on a TV show, especially an entertainment based season, was a way for me to get out there and show the world my singing abilities. People have become familiar with my songs! I have a lot of people coming up to me saying, “Oh My God, I love your music”! It’s gotta be the best feeling in the world!

Have you received more attention from the opposite sex?

I’m a stripper, I always receive attention for the opposite sex. Haha and yes, I suppose my “poonany” level has gone up.

Have you made any love interests on your show, or with other entertainment industry people?

I don’t like anyone very much right now. There are some people that I’m attracted to, but a few of the Real Worlder’s have actual lists of all the girls they’ve been with…so I’m not really down to be on anyone’s list.

Is it better to be single or in a relationship now that your famous?

I think it’s better to be single regardless. Not only do you have your freedom, and you don’t have to answer to anyone, but it gives you time to figure out what you want, need, and what you’ll stand for!

What is the craziest thing you have heard from a fan since being on the show?

I’m going to pass on this one, because I can’t put my finger on just ONE crazy thing. When I was on South Street with my roommate and a few friends during the summer a bunch of girls were literally running down the street screaming at the top of their lungs for me! I had to have my one friend act like my bodyguard. That was pretty cool but at the same time kinda scary and surreal.

Do you think people are genuine when they approach you now?

Most. I’ve received hate mail from people but I’m sure that the same phony f*ckers sending me that shit were the ones smiling in my face when they met me. It’s no big deal. I have more respect for you if you say nothing to me at all then if you are fake.

If someone in the area wants to meet you, where can they find you at on the weekend?

Local bars (Big Heads Town & Country/General Davis), occasionally the city, and of course Double Visions.

What do you look for in the opposite sex?

I’m still trying to figure that out… is all about embracing being single, so what is the best part of being single in your eyes?

Weeding out the shit that turns your finger green so you can find platinum. 🙂

What’s the funniest/craziest/horrifying experience you have had on a date?

I thought I was hooking up with a guy and found out it was a girl that was going through hormonal changes. Needless to say she was out fast!

Be honest, do you have any stalkers yet? They say you ain’t a star until you’ve been stalked!

Check out the comments on my Myspace and you let me know… Hahaha. I wish ya’ll could see my messages. Oh and the letters I get from men in prison… Hmmm….

Is it OK to have sex on the first date?

If it’s meant to happen it will happen, it doesn’t matter if it’s the first date or not!

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