Brianna Frost – MTV’s Girls of Hedsor Hall

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Brianna FrostNAME: Brianna Frost

AGE: 21


RELATIONSHIP STATUS: In a relationship

REALITY SHOW: The Girls of Hedsor Hall


How did you end up on a Reality Show?

I honestly have no idea. To my knowledge, ‘The Girls of Hedsor Hall’ had been casting for a year and they needed two more girls to fill up the twelve spots they wanted. I went to a casting call in NYC in early Sept, and a week later MTV was flying me out to LA.

What was it like being on TV?

When I was in London filming, I kept saying to myself “holy shit, in a couple months everyone’s going to be watching this on TV.” It was so funny thinking that but at the same time humiliating. Obviously if you know me, you know I’ll say and do whatever I want in public but being in the public eye on national television, having people judge you is just like…“ugh.” The thing that people don’t understand about reality TV is its NOT fake or scripted; at least my show wasn’t. Reality shows f*ck with your head and you get really into it after a while and emotions, hate, and anger just start coming out.

If you could do it again would you?

Absolutely not

Has your popularity gone up because of it?

I’m thinking when anyone is on national TV their popularity goes up and they make a little money out of it but that only lasts for a while – it’s like ‘15 minutes of fame.’ If you think your gonna get famous from a reality show, think again. People might recognize you, but you WILL NOT be a reality star role model like Lauren Conrad.

“I’m not single but when I am I can have as much sex as I want with whomever I want and not get in trouble.”

Have you received more attention from the opposite sex?

Sometimes I think to myself, “if I wasn’t hot and I wasn’t on a reality show would guys even like me?” Probably not! I’m young and I definitely use my TV credit and looks to my advantage.

Have you made any love interests on your show, or with other entertainment industry people?

Hahahahaha noooooooo. Well actually when I was filming, I had a huge crush on a guy that would film/interview me in confessional; he was one of the producers of the show. He was so hot but he had a girlfriend and all the girls would say ‘Brianna you’d make such a good couple with him because y’all are both hot and stupid. I’d so pay to see you guys f*cking.” It was so funny, all me and the girls ever talked about on the show was sex.

Is it better to be single or in a relationship now that your famous?

I think its sooooo much better to be single after you enter reality show stardom. When there were commercials advertising my show my boyfriend would get text messages from other people saying “mike, your girlfriend was on MTV humping some guy’s leg.” It’s better to be single and get yourself out there without having your boyfriend/girlfriend worry about you and become possessive.

What is the craziest thing you have heard from a fan since being on the show?

My show hasn’t even aired yet- it airs next week on Feb 9th, but A LOT of crazy guys have asked me some pretty nasty shit….for example some guy asked if he could eat me out for 5 minutes and he’d give me $3,000.

Do you think people are genuine when they approach you now?

Who knows! People aren’t sincere at times, including myself, so you never know if someone is just approaching you saying they are a huge fan of yours just so they can see what you look like in person, as apposed to genuinely being a fan.

If someone in the area wants to meet you, where can they find you at on the weekend?Brianna Frost

I’m moving to Arizona in 3 weeks, so I’ll be hiding from the public and be having lots of sex with my boyfriend.

What do you look for in the opposite sex?

I don’t give a shit if your hot, if your personality sucks go f*ck yourself. You gotta be funny, dorky, goofy, sexy both inside and out. And patient- Because I’m a handful and you have to be packing big time. is all about embracing being single, so what is the best part of being single in your eyes?

I’m not single but when I am I can have as much sex as I want with whomever I want and not get in trouble.

What’s the funniest/craziest/horrifying experience you have had on a date?

Well my current boyfriend and I have had some pretty weird dates in our past. Our second date actually- I was 16 at the time, we went to this lake and had sex in his car and the cops arrested us for having sex in public.

Be honest, do you have any stalkers yet? They say you aren’t a star until you’ve been stalked!

I stalk my boyfriend all the time and he stalks me and I love it. Outside of him…yeah I do which is the reason why I’m moving!

Is it ok to have sex on the first date?

Me and my boyfriend had sex the day we met and have been together for 5 years so ABSOLUTELY.

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