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Nick BrownNAME: Nick Brown
AGE: 25
OCCUPATION: Personal Trainer/ Entertainer
REALITY SHOW: The Real World Hollywood

How did you end up on a Reality Show?

Sent in a Tape and showed them why “no1 on the corner had swagger like.”

What was it like being on TV?

It’s pretty cool to see yourself and all your mannerisms first hand.

If you could do it again would you?

I would do it again in a heartbeat. A true learning experience if there ever was one.

Has your popularity gone up because of it?

Well for starters it’s always cool when people recognize you on the street. I’ve been able to make a nice amount of money doing club/bar and college appearances because of being on the show. I have been to award shows, movie premier and be sought after by talk shows.

Doesn’t everyone have sex on the first date? Just Wrap it up…

Have you received more attention from the opposite sex?

There are women who are attracted to the fame but more who are just now AWARE of your existence. So in other words, they would like you whether or not you were on TV if they knew of you. From watching you on TV they feel as if they know you already… which gets rid of the “getting to know” phase.

Have you made any love interests on your show, or with other entertainment industry people?

I was seeing a girl while filming the show but she couldn’t deal with being associated with a public figure. As far as people within entertainment, I’ve made some great friends along the way, but we’ll just leave it at that.

Is it better to be single or in a relationship now that your famous?

Well I travel almost EVERY single weekend. I’m always out of state and with appearances comes the obvious attention from females and it’s tough to find someone who’s secure and not worried about what’s going on at appearances. With that said, temptation is at its ultimate high. If you feel you have strong enough will power to maintain an honest relationship and carry on as “that guy from Real world” then kudos to you.

What is the craziest thing you have heard from a fan since being on the show?

Wow, I’ve heard some pretty crazy stuff, but I guess the dreams they’ve had with me in them is crazy to me. I once did an appearance in Minnesota and a fan drove 3 hours to the place I was going to be at. Didn’t even stay to party. Just wanted a hug and a picture with me. So she drove 3hrs to stay maybe 10 minutes. Pretty flattering.

Do you think people are genuine when they approach you now?

Well they have to be somewhat genuine. Because seriously, what can I do for them? Nothing! Haha

If someone in the area wants to meet you, where can they find you at on the weekend?Nick Brown

Like I said, I’m usually always doing appearances on the weekends. But when I’m not I float around NYC lounges and I’m in White Plains, NY sometimes. I just go wherever I feel is good at the time.

What do you look for in the opposite sex?

Someone who is humble and ambitious. Takes care of herself and loves to love. is all about embracing being single, so what is the best part of being single in your eyes?

Calling my own shots. Not having to answer to anyone or really consider anyone else when I make decisions.

What’s the funniest/craziest/horrifying experience you have had on a date?

Once when I was in high school I took this girl from out of town to the movies. We had been seeing each other for a little while and I knew she had like a current or a crazy ex boyfriend so we would never go anywhere together but drive in separate cars. So the movie is over and we say our goodbyes and I’m walking to my car and I see 4 dudes sittin’ on it. So I press my alarm thinking that would alert them but they just acted as if they didn’t care. They all had their backs to me. I kept walking to my car (momma ain’t raise no punk) but I cant help but think I’m about to get my ass beat by this chicks crazy stalker boyfriend. So when I get close enough to my car I say “Yo ya’ll wanna get up!?” They turn around and its my cousin and his friends fucking with me. He knew about the situation and wanted me to think the worst. Hahaha. That was funny, crazy and horrifying all in one.

Be honest, do you have any stalkers yet? They say you ain’t a star until you’ve been stalked!

Umm, do I? I’ve got a couple people who constantly message me on Myspace and Facebook, but no one is showing up to my house or following me to every club and bar I attend. Or if they are they’re doing a good job hiding 🙂

Is it ok to have sex on the first date?

Doesn’t everyone have sex on the first date? Just Wrap it up…consistently. Not sometimes, but ALLL the time. And travel with more than one condom. I prefer 3, this way incase of a malfunction your urges don’t tempt you to go without using  one.

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